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Daniela Zambrano

Daniela Zambrano

Hailing from the small historic city of Tunja, Colombia, the seed of Daniela’s career in dance was planted at the age of 21 when she began attending regular classes at the National Ballet of Colombia. Her dedication and passion saw her quickly become a dancer at the company, blending the folklore of her homeland with modern dance.
Daniela’s hunger for knowledge led her to continually investigate new styles, from urban dance to afro and ‘piso movil’ until she eventually decided to study a Bachelor of Choreography and Contemporary Dance at Superior Academy of Arts, Bogota, graduating in 2014.
This time gave birth to Daniela’s artistic pseudonym ‘Plonova Dance’ under which she presented several full-length contemporary dance works in Colombia. Fusing the broad array of techniques and cultures of which the art form comprises with the aim to delve into and express real-life issues, experiences, situations and characters through the medium of dance. Augmenting this with improvisation and acting as part of the dancer’s role to achieve a greater capacity for interpretation and emotional connection with the audience.

After graduating Daniela relocated to Sydney, Australia, where she has continued her investigation and creations including ‘Borderlines’ (Hong Kong International Choreography Festival), and ‘Shapes & Shadows’ (ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, Sydney). During the pandemic she continued creating short-films that have been screened in festivals such as Inspire Dance Australia Film Festival 2022 (Australia), Florence Dance On Screen Festival 2022 (Italy), and Video Movimiento International Festival 2022 (Colombia). With her last video project ‘Displaced’ she teamed up with UNCHR as an ambassador to raise awareness for refugees.


Daniela continues enriching her knowledge by attending intensive workshops in South America, Asia (Vangelis Legakis), Europe (Hofesh Schechter) and Australia (Counter Technique-Anouk Van Dijk at Chunky Move). Most recently she attended DIP 2023 ‘Puzzle Work’ with Anton Lachy in Belgium for which she was one of the 31 participants selected from 180 applicants.


Currently working on a new choreography piece called ‘Pulse’ which involves live percussion which debuted at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2024 as part of Lewis Major’s ‘Rich Mix’ mixed bill showcase.

"I see dance as a powerful, free and communicative art form where one can use movements to inspire such a range of emotions and thoughts and transport us to another state. For me there is no art better than the art you create yourself".
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