Choreographic Work


Ambassador of UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency Australia & Latino America, 2021


'Did you know that there are 26.4 million refugees globally and that half of the world's refugees are children? Some 85% of refugees are being hosted in developing countries while wealthier countries turn a blind eye in doing their part to protect these people who have been forced to leave everything behind.


Unfortunately, it is an everyday reality that we continue to fail in a non-existent fight for the wellbeing and happiness of our fellow man...'

Choreography: Daniela Zambrano

Cinematography & Edition: Paul Beattie


HK International Choreography Festival, Hong Kong 2019


'We live in a divided world, with little connection to our surroundings or to each other. Our true potential is only achieved

when we unite in a collective


Choreography: Daniela Zambrano

Lau Pak Hong, Choy Yu Tin, Jared Jonathan Luna & Daniela Zambrano.

Photo credit:



Critical Path Residencies, Sydney, Australia. 2020.


“As a dancer, I have always wondered why this beautiful art is divided into so many techniques and different styles of dance. Through my experience and diverse dance background, I have perceived an immersion of movement dynamics in each style, and that is why I have not been able to uproot myself from any of them because I feel that they are all necessary for my body to enable full self-expression.


Each has its own history, concepts, and cultures that we can learn from.”


Choreography: Daniela Zambrano @daniela_plonovadance

Cinematography & Edition: Mariana Calzada

Production: Zambrano-Zambrano

Music in this video:

Song: Winding Snake

Photo: Mariana Calzada

Artist:  Portico Quartet

"PRC 730"

Teatro Varasanta, Distrital University ASAB, Bogotá, Colombia 2015


A work based on the life of the soldier.

‘Do you belive that strapping on polished black boots and a green uniform makes you ready for the battle of an altered reality?’

Choreography: Daniela Zambrano

Assistant Director of Acting :Rodrigo Gonzalez 

Performers: Nelson Martinez, Juan Carlos Gallego, Yenzer Pinilla, Anibal Quiceno,Jose Luis Diaz, Cesar Garcia & Miguel Molina.

Photo: ASAB

"Shapes And Shadows"

ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, Sydney 2019


This choreographic piece is a rolling box of surprises without form but with a structure’.

Choreography: Daniela Zambrano Parra 

Performers: Bonnie Zhang, Emily Yali, Natalia Machado & Daniela Zambrano.

(This is the first stage of this creation)

"Section #2"

Teatro la Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia 2013


A choreographic composition where contemporary and urban dance play an important role creating a beautiful performance together with live musicians.

Choreographers/Performers: Yenzer Pinilla & Daniela Zambrano.

Abstract Flame_edited.jpg