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Inspired by the instantaneous creation of artistic movement and impassioned to experience the world through dance


Plonova Dance was born in 2013 through a chaotic choreographic exploration.


Days out from the presentation I tore down the rigidly structured choreography I had created that inspired no emotional reaction in me and started anew. Through the chaos I discovered my path, to investigate and express
our truth, our reality. To become the subject, to understand them – the human, their body, their expressions, their emotions, their speech, their behaviour, their responses, the things that invade their souls, our souls.

With this intent Plonova Dance began this journey of creation and composition. Fusing the broad array of techniques and cultures of which the art form comprises with the aim to delve into and express real life issues, experiences, situations and characters through the medium of dance.


Using improvisation and acting as part of the dancer’s role to achieve a greater capacity for interpretation and connection with themselves and with the audience, to touch their hearts and make them reflect, enjoy and immerse themselves in the performance. After all the greatest satisfaction is to see the reaction of the audience, to see faces of joy, wonder, or even distaste – most importantly to stimulate thought.

‘Star explodes from a runaway fusion reaction’


The best art is that which you create yourself

-Daniela Zambrano


There are two great days in a person’s life: the day he is born and the day he discovers what for.


I came to the world to create and share my art with you. I’m from Tunja, a beautiful historical city with a religious colonial architecture in Colombia. My childhood memories were going to church, playing in the sand pit and dancing in my garage with an old red tape player. At the age of 17 I discovered a passion for movement, expression, and dance, and I realised that it’s not always necessary to speak to say something, one move and you are saying a million of words.


During my last years of school my mind was not on my studies as I just wanted to dance. When I finally finished, I began as a professional dancer in Sonia Osorio’s National Ballet of Colombia, with whom I formed my art for three years.

However, it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to dive deeper into the career of dance. I decided to study a Bachelor in Contemporary Dance and Choreographic Direction for 5 years at the Superior Academy of Arts in Bogota. At the same time, I had the privilege to belong to various Urban Dance groups where I learned so much more about hip hop culture and also our Colombian traditional dance, that always helps me to remember where I came from.

Throughout my dance career I have participated in different festivals as a performer for other independent dance companies and had the privilege to experience other dance cultures in Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Malaysia, England and finally here in Australia. I also study constantly and focus on continual improvement. "We learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing, or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same" Martha


As Choreographic Director of Plonova Dance, I have created and presented a number of works each with different dramatic formats where theatre also plays a fundamental role in the scene along-side dance. My most recent choreographic work ‘Borderlines’ was presented at the Hong Kong International Choreography Festival (June 2019), and ‘Shapes & Shadows’ at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre in Sydney (September 2019). As a choreographer I am impassioned to talk about real life issues, experiences, and situations through the medium of dance and I enrich my life by sharing my art. In 2020-2021 under a challenging climate for artists and performers I have continued creating works using audio-visual formats to reach and express my message to the audience.

I'm an artist and to be an artist one must constantly search out opportunities to show our passion, our love, our talent – and when we have that fleeting moment in the spotlight, we must shine for all to see as the moment will pass all too fast. I see my dance as an art form where I can use movements to inspire in us such a range of emotions and transport us to another state. For me there is no art better than the art you create yourself.

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