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International Festival VIDEO MOVIMIENTO - Colombia

I am very grateful and delighted to have two of my dance video pieces ‘Displaced' and ‘Self’ selected for the ‘International Festival Video Movimiento’ in Colombia.

The festival will present the videos in different public spaces along with those from other wonderful artists who were selected from 187 international submissions, starting tomorrow Monday 28th of September 2021 in Bogotá, Colombia. The winners will be selected on the 30th of September.

‘Displaced’ is a new project that has not yet been launched, but that you will soon know. Cinematography & edition Paul Beattie. (see 1:58).

'Self' is a beautiful project that I completed in 2020 through a residency with Critical Path that talks about confidence and overcoming adversity, expressing feelings of power and weakness, struggle and determination, doubt and ultimately an unyielding self-belief. Cinematography & Edition Mariana Calzada (see 2:36).

Here is a montage showing snippets from the selected works. It feels so good to be part of this important festival in Colombia, my home country. ENJOY!

Festival Program:


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