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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The concept of this visual composition is to convey the audience into a parallel reality or dream state.

However, it is not about the romanticism of a dream, but rather a scenario of not wanting to wake up and return to a sad and painful reality. The dream is an escape from the reality of waking up without a home, the reality of feeling homeless, of not having your place in the world.

The world of the 21st century suffers from a cruel, forced migration. When we are supposed to live in a "modern" and “understanding” world, the reality is that we live in a world in which human rights are not respected.

It is a false utopia that is overwhelming if we start to think of how to resolve individually - we are talking about entire governments, chains of power, and laws that seem impossible to change. But, nevertheless, if we can each contribute just a grain of sand, perhaps, we would be able to accomplish something together, as one suffering humanity, in which the pain of others is our own pain.

Every 4 seconds, a person somewhere in the world is forced to leave his home, his life as he knew it and even his family. At the end of 2020, there were 82.4 million people who have been forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflicts, violence, human rights violations or events that seriously disturbed public order. Today the number has only grown and more and more people have to leave everything behind.

Did you know that half of the world’s refugees are children? Some 85% of refugees are being hosted in developing countries while wealthier countries turn a blind eye in doing their part to protect these people who have been forced to leave everything behind. Why is it that we close our eyes rather than reach out a helping hand? Have we lost our sense of being human, have we become so cold and selfish? The power of iniquity, the evil of our times?

Thus, the concept for 'Displaced' was born, a dance exploration that aims to raise its voice against this indifference. A dance creation, using improvisation as a resource in order to obtain free movements that in this case arose from a feeling of uncertainty, powerlessness, need and empathy with the real experiences of others, people that only have two options: survive or die.

Opposing movements and gestures are the basis of this composition, those that suggest pain and despair, peace and hope. Static movements that want to express the power of being rooted in our homeland, and the feeling that is provoked by being forced to leave them. A silenced cry, which wants to communicate to us: “I will not let myself be drowned in the land, solid ground and I will be free”. We invite you join us in contributing our grain of sand in helping our displaced brothers. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, works in different parts of the world helping families fleeing armed conflict, persecution and wars in their countries. Taking charge of safeguarding people from their arrival in a safe country, until their integration with the local communities to which they seek to contribute economically and culturally.

You too can help save lives and give refugees a second chance by donating to UNHCR.

Enjoy the video! 👇🏻

For DISPLACED, Daniela chose a song with lyrics in Bengali by the author Nitin Sawhney, a British musician and activist, who stands out for his excellence, innovation and creativity recognized throughout the world. The lyrics of this song are a message for all those who have no voice: “If I suddenly paused; to put myself beyond the horizon when twilight arrives, at last, in the bed of limitless night, I would fall asleep with the sun. " Chorus translation from Bengali.

‘As an artist, I feel the responsibility and the need to express what others cannot. The essential needs of our brothers, real life, THE TRUTH.’ Daniela Zambrano


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