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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Plonova Dance Presents: PULSE “Unveiling the Art of Creating Movements from Scratch, where the sounds of percussion are the starting point for the spirit of movement to take shape”.

Sydney, NSW – The collaboration between dancer and choreographic director Daniela Zambrano (Plonova Dance) and Vincent Sebastian, percussionist, sound designer and composer is a unique opportunity for both artists to explore their current shared interests into the intensification of movement, music and the pace of life. Both artists have reached a level of expertise in their fields and their collaboration integrates two diverse but complimentary perspectives, offering the expansion of creative potential and innovation to present.

With the aid of Vincent Sebastian’s musical intelligence, the artists worked on creating a unique live performance set-up that integrates music technology, hand drums, acoustic and electronic instruments and the body in movement. The focus is on facilitating the musical aims of tempo and pitch intensification within a live performance context for a two-person show. It’s an experiment with various performance constructions, that facilitate improvisation and structure, so that performances are collaborative but also repeatable.

Sonically, PULSE creates soundscapes, rhythms, and textures that progressively build in intensity during the performance. These may start from timeless states that gradually introduce rhythm, pitch, and texture so that intensity is built towards a crescendo.

The work during this section will be on integrating the music technology with live performance techniques, that involve contemporary and Afro dance, as part of the traditional heritage that percussion instruments put on stage conjugate, which have their origins in Africa and Cuba, generating the perfect environment for the show, where the dancer becomes a spirit that interacts with the art of playing these instruments, generating a synergy of movements in a rhythm that intensifies and sonic textures in a smooth and fluid way, with tempo manipulatable in real-time.

Visually, you will enjoy a performance that will start from relaxed movements towards intensification of both dancer and musician, so that they culminate on the edge of each person’s potential.

PULSE is not only a celebration of dance and music, but also an opportunity for the audience to gain insight into the creative process.

Accordingly, Plonova Dance and Vincent Sebastian invite you to join them for this extraordinary performance, where the audience will witness the birth of movements, experience the power of artistic expression, and be transported to a world where creativity knows no bounds.

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